MELS Arabic Classes


At ME Language School, we offer a range of Arabic levels to our students, starting with Reception to GCSE. Levels are based on the very well established and professional curriculum published by mm books institution. The books are well structured and they are all supported by either CD, working books or grammar books for the higher levels including GCSE and A-Level exam materials; and they all have been recognised and approved by EDEXCEL Exam Board. You can check out the publisher's website for more details:

Brief detail of each level's curriculum has been provided, so have a look if you would like to know about our teaching system and how the levels run.


GCSE/A-Level Arabic Exam Results - MELS' Students' Achievement  

2015/16 Academic Year

If interested in registering your child at MELS, you can download the application form and email it to our school admin, Zahra Soltani:

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When filling the application form, please download the school policies below and have a read.

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If you would like to find out about the school fees or any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our admin.