MELS Farsi Classes

Our Farsi classes and levels highly depend on the students and staff availability. Registration is open to minimum 5 years of age (Reception Level) to 18 (A-Level).

Curriculum has been adopted from Rustam School. Rustam is a Farsi school established in London for 34 years now and have been running successfully throughout the years.

Quote from Rustam's website regarding their books:

''We have written our own Text books and curriculum with content that includes aspects of Iranian literature, poetry, traditions, history and geography to provide an all- round awareness of Iranian life. The Rustam curriculum and books have been adopted by many other schools worldwide, in turn allowing access to Farsi to many more children outside of Iran.''

Other teaching resources and materials are available to support the curriculum.

Proud to be teaching Farsi by Native Farsi speakers
Using modern, fun and innovative approach
Stepping away from the old fashioned parrot style teaching methods

We only employ high calibre staff, who are highly trained, experienced and skilled, coming from professional backgrounds to develop your children’s learning of Farsi Language.

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If you would like to find out more details regarding our school, Farsi classes or have any other query please do not hesitate to contact our admin, Zahra Soltani. 

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