MELS Venue, Facilities and Resources

Quality of teaching has always been one of our top priorities; which an effective environment, teaching resources and facilities all contribute to the level of this quality. 

Venue and Facilities

MELS is currently renting a hall at Milton Keynes College, Bletchley Campus, to run the classes on Saturdays. 

We have access to all the classrooms facilities, including the smart boards, computers, Internet, whiteboards, proper sittings and tables etc. 

Reception and Level 1&2 joint class for video time

Level 3 classroom 

Students using whiteboards and posters to practice their writing 

We are privileged in terms of having a lot of free space and rooms to do activities with younger students for learning purposes. 

Photo, Level 1&2 students playing a game, being asked to move in a particular direction when they hear a word with certain sound; this is to develop their listening skills. 


We also have collected a huge amount of teaching materials and resources over the past years, offering modern and creative ways of teaching. Here are some of the examples: 

Video sets and other sets of supporting materials including flash cards, story books, stickers, toys (plastic animals for teaching vocab to younger children by playing), etc

Characters and masks for role playing and practicing vocab and sentences.

Reading pen

Play Dough; for creating letter or words etc. 


Physical letter

Students making their names on a board with individual letters in Arabic