ME Language School Galler

MELS Students group photo, 2017

Staff group photo, 2017 

Parents' consultation day, 2017

One of our wonderful teachers, Zainab Al-Bahranie, receiving the Level 3 certificate of 'Teaching in the Supplementary School Education Sector', 2017 

She is in the first cohort of teachers who has achieved the Level 3 certificate ever. 

Receiving our quality framework Gold Award from NRCSE, 2016 

MELS students receiving their certificates at the End of Year Ceremony, 2016 

Teachers receiving a Story Telling training by Tina Pritchard, Glastonbury Thorn School teacher, and Sejal Payne, supporter and trainer, 2016 

Holding our quality framework Bronze and Silver awards by NRCSE, at EMA Network, 2915 

GCSE awards for our first graduates in year 2015, all achieved A and A* results.