About us

Middle Eastern Language School is a supplementary Language school based in Milton Keynes, established at 2011, and it's been running successfully ever since. 

Our aim at the Middle Eastern Language School is to teach our children to speak, read and write their mother tongue. Most of our children are immersed within the current British culture and need support to maintain their own cultural background. Children connect to their parents, relatives, culture, history, religion and identity through their mother tongue. 

We strongly believe that teaching our children their inherited language is vital to developing their sense of belonging in this modern world. Research also shows being bilingual is an academic advantage as bilingual children perform better in education compared to their monolingual peers.
So for this reason, at the Middle Eastern Community Groupwe felt the need to open up a language school.  

Currently we offer 'Arabic language' to 5 to 18 year old - from Reception level to A-Level; and as our ambition has always been to be able to offer other Middle Eastern languages, as our next step, we are planning to open 'Farsi language' classes. For more detail check out the Farsi Classes page.

We are also proud to announce that the school has received its Bronze Award at 2012, Silver Award at 2015 and Gold Award at 2016 for its frame work quality from NRCSE. Currently our school is one of the 36 supplementary schools in England for achieving the Gold Award.

Working with the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) is voluntary. It is up the supplementary school's leader to get involved and take part in the framework. In ME LS we aim high. We want to assure the parent of all our students that the school is providing a safe and effective learning environment that offers a wide range of resources to support learning, and we monitor and record the students' progress and development closely. We also make sure that all our staff/volunteers are supported and trained regularly. And at the same time, we work in partnership with other organisations in the local community to promote cohesion within our diverse and colourful society. 

The NRCSE promote the followings as the Core Code of Practice: 

1. Learning Environment 

2. Effective Teaching 

3. Recording of progress 

4. Learning Resources 

5. Planning and Development 

6. Monitoring and Evaluation 

7. Partnership 

8. Selecting and Supporting Staff and Volunteers 

9. Making Sure Children Are Safe

10. Financial Management

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